The Big Mac index test is not applicable for Grenada since Mac Donald’s does not exist on the island. One surprise is that although almost no US fast food chains exist on the island, Kentucky Fried Chicken is not only present but very popular (although pricing is not available for comparison) (Tomlin, 2013). The IMF world economic Outlook Database does compare a bundle of goods and services from the US and compares it to Grenada (and other countries around the world). For every $1.00 spent in the US, similar items can be had for $0.59 in Grenada (IMF, 2011). Of course, some items, especially those imported from the US or Europe are much more expensive. These include most manufactured goods and some specialty food items which do not grow well in the warm temperatures of the tropics (romaine lettuces is a notable example) (IMF, 2011).