The ethical business standing of Grenada has experienced a number of tumultuous events, however, these appear isolated to a handful of individuals (some of which were not Grenadian citizens) and thus not representative of the trustworthiness of the Grenadian people. Perhaps the best known scandal was a 2002 ponzi scheme where investors were bilked out of over $170,000,000 USD by a conman from Oregon named Gilbert Ziegler (Jaquiss, 2002). The scandal, which reportedly involved a number of government officials resulted from the regulation (or lack thereof) of off-shore banks (popular during the 1990’s) and tarnished the islands reputation for a number of years, requiring a 2004 review by World Bank of the Grenadian investment climate (FIAS, 2004). In 2012 a number of Grenadian government agencies, including the Royal Grenada Police Force, have taken efforts to reduce internal corruption which has been described as rife by outside observers (CNN, 2012).