The political structure of Grenadian governance is a parliamentary democracy where general elections are held on 5 year intervals and the general duties of the state are instilled in a prime minster (Government of Grenada, 2013).

Grenada has had a turbulent political past reaching back centuries, yet it had become especially unstable following independence from the UK in 1974 (Steele, 2003).  A popular uprising, coup d’etat and finally a US invasion (1983) made Grenada politically and financially risky prior to the mid 1980’s.  Subsequently, the government of Grenada has proven itself accommodating to foreign and domestic investment and weathered (quite literally) a number of difficult natural disasters and economic downturns (GIDC, 2013). The Grenadian legal system is based on English common and civil law, stemming from its time as a British colony and resulting from its continued membership as a protectorate of the United Kingdom (CIA, 2013).